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Vadalia Foods


Savoring the rich flavors of Vadalia Food's culinary delights!
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They have many stores in Rajkot and now they are FINALLY here 🤩
Join the success story and be a part of something extraordinary!
Savor the flavors at Vadalia's brand-new franchise store in Kim Plaza
Indulge in a gastronomic journey at Vadalia's newest franchise store on Gondal Road.
Explore a tempting product range of 120+ items.
120+ items! 😋 Shop now for a culinary adventure like never before.
Indulge in a gastronomic journey at Vadalia's newest franchise store on Gondal Road, featuring
Vadalia Store Kothariya Franchise
🥖🧀 Experience the best of Vadalia Foods at our Frenchies Store! 🍟✨
🌟 Discover a world of flavor at Vadalia Foods Frenchies Store! 🍽️✨
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Indulge in the festive crunch with Vadalia Food's delectable snacks!
Indulge in Delightful Temptations 🧁🍫🍓🍰
Elevate your snack game with our wholesome and flavorful bhakhris! 😋🌶️🍞
🍋 Unleash your taste buds with Vadalia Food's irresistible Nimbu Sev! 😋
Celebrate with the delightful flavors of Vadalia Foods and embrace the spirit of togetherness.
Indulge in the divine flavors of Vadalia Foods' mouthwatering chips and wafers this Janmastami
Celebrate the Crunch of Sibling Love this Raksha Bandhan with Vadalia Food! 🌟
🌟 Get ready to savor the flavor of Vadalia Foods like never before! 🌮🍔
🌟 Crunch into Flavor Delight!
Vadalia has reached every corner of Gujarat.
Your monsoon will just be better
vadalia foods
Coming soon 🔜
😍 Your heart will definitely say “WOW”!
🌶️ Say hello to a flavor explosion with our Salty Black Pepper chips!
Mouth-watering taste of garlic bread, now in Vadalia's Garlic Bread Chips.
Vadalia’s Dynamitz are truly an explosion of taste!
Unravel the magic of Vadalia’s sizzling sticks !
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Salted Chipso: Unleashing Endless Flavour - A Snack Sensation by Vadalia Foods
Vadalia ke mazedar KhakhreHai swad me sabse sabse khare…
From Zesty to Savory: Unlock the Hidden Gems of Flavor with Vadalia's Latest Range Of Snacks!
Vadalia Foods: Flavor Forever | Unleash Your Taste Buds with Amazing Flavors!
Discover the Ocean's Delight: Savour The Sea Salt Flavour with Vadalia Foods' Sea Salt Chips
Vadalia: Where Taste Takes Flight - Discover the Artistry of Flavors!
Crunch, Munch, Repeat: Vadalia Foods' Pop Corn Addiction
Smile by Vadalia Foods: A Delicious Fusion of Fun and Flavor!
Embark on a Flavourful Journey with Vadalia Dynamitz - Where Taste Takes Flight! 🚀🔥
Flavour Forever: Unveiling Vadalia Foods' Irresistible Chips Range!
Discover Instant Flavor with Vadalia Foods' Paprika | Flavour Forever
Vadalia's Garlic Murmura: The Perfect Snack for Garlic Lovers!
The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Snack: Zoo Munchings from Vadalia
Must-Try Spicy Tangy Ratlami Sev from Vadaliya Foods | Satisfy Your Cravings!